A talent-stacked marketing team with a passion for results.

Who Are We

A small talented team of professionals who will stop at nothing to help our clients reach their goals.

Our Mission

To help cosmetic medical professionals double their profit while cutting their teams workload in half.

What We Do

Change the game for cosmetic medical professionals by helping them win online and get real ROI. 

Our history

AMP Media, Inc was born out of the minds of three friends who saw a HUGE problem in the industry. All these marketers were offering leads….they say “Here’s a name, number, and email….Have your staff reach out everyday for the next 7 days.”


You’re not here for name, number, and emails. And you’re definitely not here to make your staff make an endless amount of calls. 

You’re here because you want more profit. You’re here because you want your office to grow. You’re here because you’re ready to expand and reach all those goals you have in your mind. And you know you can’t do it alone.

Why choose us?

You’ll often here us talk about how we don’t bring leads, we bring appointments, but it’s more than that. We don’t just help you book appointments on autopilot, we help you turn those appointment now and years from now into loyal customers who will spend money with you again and again.

We know you’re one person and you should spend your time being the expert in your field not managing everything around the office and worrying about how ads work. So we take the burden off your shoulders through offering a full service campaign that even includes training your team to help you reach your goals faster than ever.

Collective over 20 years of business and marketing experience is shared between just the founders of AMP, don’t even get us started on how talented our kick-ass team is at winning online.

Want to have a leg up on your competitors? We know each day your ideal customer can pick an office just up the road rather than picking you, so we make sure we stay on the cutting edge for the best techniques available to get you the best result and ROI available.

Unlike most other marketing agencies that will just plug you into the same marketing system with the same ads they’re running for everyone else, we’re here to make a campaign to suit your exact needs. No more paying for what you don’t need, time to start standing out from the competitors!